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About a Langley area HVAC Contractor

electric Staffed with over 25 years of experience, Hibbs Mechanical Svc INC, is proud to help Langley stay not to warm and not to cold but just right. It is to our customers that we owe our continued success and we never forget that. We provide excellent workmanship and customer service because we are members of the Langley community as well, and the residents of Langley expect only the best.

Since you are here reading the 'about us' page you probably want to know what it is which makes us different from our competitors. One thing we excel at is balancing the customer's needs and the customer's budget. We understand that not every customer wants the latest models in HVAC technology and we take steps towards giving our customers what they need. We are here to make sure that you have a comfortable environment to live or work in, not to make you go over budget. Our friendly staff will take you through your options step by step so you can know what advances there are in the industry, why people would choose one model over another, and what type of system would best meet your needs and budget.

If you are in the greater Langley area and you are feeling a little hot under the collar or find yourself getting cold feet -due to your HVAC equipment- then give Hibbs Mechanical Svc INC a call. Hibbs Mechanical Svc INC: Comfortable living at a comfortable price.

About Us

Hibbs Mechanical Svc INC provides Langley and surrounding area with and many other services. We specialize in residential HVAC services and commercial HVAC services to customers.

Why Call a Pro?

Our technicians look at the air tightness, insulation, ductwork, and equipment in every Langley area home and design a customized solution that improves airflow, air quality, overall comfort, and lowers utility bills.

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